5 Surprising Places You Hold Stress

Find out how stress impacts you from head to toe.

5 Surprising Places You Hold Stress

By Diana Kelly Levey

When you feel anxious and worked up as pressures mount in your life, you’ve probably felt some tension in your neck, back, or may have experienced a tension headache. And while rubbing those areas, applying heat, and adjusting your posture might help you relieve some of the tightness and pain, there are a few other areas in your body that you’re likely to hold stress. Here’s how emotional stress is causing you physical pain in unexpected places.

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Many of us reflexively hunch our shoulders up or tense them while typing for hours, driving, or when we’re worried about something. Ongoing mental strain can lead to shoulder pain according to a study on high school teachers in Japan who were in an unhealthy mental state. Try to release this tight area by doing yoga poses like Eagle arms to create a broad space across the top of the back, or do a forward bend with your arms behind you, falling overhead, to release shoulder tension.

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