7-Day Plan to Boost Energy

Follow Dr. Oz’s ultimate anti-aging food plan to rev energy in a week.

7-Day Plan to Boost Energy

If you’ve ever felt like you’re running on empty or like you’re aging before your time, Dr. Oz’s anti-aging 7-day food plan can kick-start your vitality. Find out how small changes to your diet and lifestyle can yield big energy results. Tackle your energy levels organ-by-organ with this plan to refill your energy tank in just one week!

Clean your gut.

When your gut isn’t working properly, it can throw off other systems in your body, like your immune system, nervous system and metabolism. Adding prebiotics to your diet can promote the growth of probiotics in the digestive system, which can help improve digestive function and energy levels. Drink a prebiotic shake first thing in the morning instead of wolfing down energy-zapping carb-heavy bagels and coffee.

Try this prebiotic shake recipe.
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