The #Blessed30 Challenge That Will Change Your Life

Transform your life from stressed to blessed.

The #Blessed30 Challenge That Will Change Your Life

The #Blessed30 Challenge translates to 30 days of positive and joyful living. With the hustle and bustle of the day-to-day it can be hard to remember how blessed all of us are. A lack of faith and gratitude can impact us physically and mentally in a major way. Throughout the month, rediscover how to attract the happiness and peace that you crave and deserve with the help of DeVon Franklin, Priscilla Shirer, Reverend Samuel Rodriguez, and Pastor Carl Lentz.

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Start Each Day With a Gratitude List

By actively feeling grateful on a daily basis, you will release feelings of jealousy, disappointment, and anxiety, and instead usher in feelings of joy, contentment, and optimism. For example, rather than being so annoyed that you have to stop for groceries on the way home, think instead about how wonderful it is that you can afford groceries and are able to cook yourself a healthy meal.

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