How to Find the Right Doctor for You

Start here and make the search a painless one.

How to Find the Right Doctor for You

Finding the right doctor does not have to be a confusing, overwhelming, or nerve-wracking experience. Before you blindly book a doctor’s appointment or give up in frustration, consider these expert guidelines from family physician Dr. Jennifer Caudle, psychiatrist Dr. Ranna Parekh, dentist Dr. Ruchi Sahota, and ophthalmologist Dr. Jonathan L. Prenner.

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Be Realistic

Dr. Caudle likens the doctor search to finding the right hairstylist. “Ask someone you trust. When we narrow choices down, we should consider if the doctor is compatible with our lifestyles.” You should consider any factors that may impact you or any preferences you may have, including a doctor’s office hours, location, and policies. Dr. Sahota points out that “the right dentist will make you feel at ease” and “you should make sure that your personalities gel and that it feels good to be in the office.” Go in for a test drive with the doctor and talk to him or her. Alternatively, you can call the office before your first visit to ask questions, such as if your doctor is covered by your insurance. Make sure you are aware of multiple providers and consider whether you want to see the same doctor at every visit or if you are comfortable seeing different doctors in subsequent visits.

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