The Liver Reboot Plan

Turn a fatty liver into a skinny liver.

The Liver Reboot Plan

Nearly 80 million people are affected by fatty liver disease, a hidden epidemic that’s often asymptomatic. Since fatty liver disease can be silent until an issue arises, it’s important to recognize the risk factors for this condition. People who are overweight, those who consume a high sugar diet, or individuals with diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, or high cholesterol are all at an elevated risk. Before fatty liver disease becomes a problem, follow this expert plan from registered dietitian Kristin Kirkpatrick to help rehab and repair your liver and body.

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Step 3: Eat 3 Perfect Meals

For breakfast, have a meal that includes both probiotics and antioxidants, such as live culture yogurt with fresh berries. This quick and easy breakfast can combat inflammation and oxidative stress, two signs of fatty liver disease. In the middle of the day, fill up on protein and leafy greens like a chicken salad with dandelion greens. Dandelion greens, in particular, have been linked to liver health in scientific studies and may help balance out elevated liver enzymes and stimulate bile flow. During dinner, prepare more protein with vegetables, such as roasted chicken with garlic roasted cauliflower.

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