Printable Drinking Diary

Use this drinking diary to track the emotions that trigger your drinking.

The first step to cut down on drinking is to keep a diary to document how much alcohol you're drinking and why you're drinking. Writing down these facts will help you understand what emotions cause you to drink more than others. Once you recognize these emotional triggers, you'll be on the right track to get control over your drinking habits. Print out this drinking diary to keep track of your drinking habits and then follow this Plan to Quit Drinking from Kristina Wandzilak, CAS, CIP. You can find more plans from experts on the Truth Tube hub

The #1 Thing to Remember When Caring for a Sick Parent

It can help you be a better caregiver while also releasing you of overwhelming burden.

Caring for an ageing or sick parent at home can be a wonderful act of love — but it can also be a big sacrifice. Along with the new responsibility comes added stress to your life that's probably already taxing. Not to mention, it significantly changes the relationship between the two of you. If you're a caregiver for a parent, or thinking about what next step is best, this is one of the most important things to remember about this life phase. It can help you be a better caregiver while also releasing you of a lot of the burden that comes with the role.

TV and podcast host Maria Menounos is currently taking care of her mother, who has brain cancer. She learned this lesson from a guest on her series "Better Together."

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