Save Over $1,000 With the 52-Week Money Challenge

Stick to your resolution to save money this year by using this easy method.

Save Over $1,000 With the 52-Week Money Challenge

Socking away money doesn’t have to be a complicated or a time-consuming process. Make the process effortless by following this simple pattern:

  • Week 1: Save $1
  • Week 2: Save $2
  • Week 3: Save $3 and so forth

In less than six months by week 20, you’ll have saved over $200 – that’s enough for something special like a weekend getaway or that bag or dress you’ve been eyeing. By week 40, you’ll have set aside $820 and in 52 weeks, your savings will total $1,378!

Print out this graphic and post is as a reminder on your refrigerator, bulletin board, or desk. Happy saving!

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