How to Shop Online and Get a Fair Price

This money-saving secret is as easy as clicking your mouse button.

Sale emails and free shipping promotions are all part of the allure of online shopping but are you really getting a good deal? E-commerce stores and online retailers use a strategy called “dynamic pricing” to serve different prices to different users based on their browsing history and computer data information. To avoid this common tactic, investigative reporter Jeff Rossen shared this simple web browser technique so you can get the best deals online and save big bucks every time you check out.

Before visiting any e-commerce store or online retailer, open a private browser window. To do this, launch your web browser and look for the Setting icon. You'll find it in the top right of your browser, and it will either look like a gear illustration or a 3-bar icon. Then, choose the following based on which browser you’re using:

In Google Chrome: Settings > New Incognito Window

In Mozilla Firefox: Settings > New Private Window

In Safari: File > New Private Window

In Internet Explorer: Settings > Safety > InPrivate Browsing

This Small Device Can Help Give Independence Back to People With Visual Impairment

Get help with the things that became difficult without full sight.

Do you or a loved one experience visual impairment? Whether it's because of blindspots, blurred vision, tunnel vision or night blindness, there's a new tool that can help you do the things that become difficult without full sight. The OrCam MyEye is a small voice-activated device that can attach to your glasses and read aloud text from a book, screen or other surface. It can even recognize faces, money, barcodes and colors. It does this all in real-time and offline. Watch the video below to see how the OrCam MyEye works and why some people say it gave them independence back.