Tricks to Reverse the Damage of a Sugar Binge

Went overboard? Don't stress out about it. Try these tips to get your body back on track fast.

Tricks to Reverse the Damage of a Sugar Binge

If you've ever had a night where you found yourself binge-eating on loads of sweets, whether out with friends or at a social gathering, you know how rotten you can feel the next day. Reverse the damage you've done to your liver, intestines, and pancreas with these tips that will have you feeling better while getting your body functioning back up to speed, stat.

Eliminate Carbs at Breakfast

If you eat carbs at breakfast the morning after a sugar binge, your body will have to burn those new carbs before it can get to the ones from your sugar binge. Instead, have a hard-boiled egg with avocado or a turkey roll-up so your body can get to work burning off all that sugar from the night before.

Sometimes, we all just need a pick-me-up. Whether we've been struggling for some time with negative thoughts about ourselves, or a bad day at work is making us feel inferior, it's important to take a step back and regain our self-love. Follow Mallika Chopra, a meditation and wellness coach, in this simple meditation that focuses on breath, positive words and colors. She'll help you recenter your thoughts, reconnect with your emotions and remember your true worth.

For more mindfulness tips from Mallika, check out her website and her new book "My Body Is a Rainbow: The Color of My Feelings."

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