We’re giving you personalized solutions tailored just for you with two quizzes you can take now. See what your chronotype is and how it can unlock the secrets to falling asleep and staying asleep. Plus, what’s your worry type? We’re helping you find out so you can pull off the ultimate mind shift and finally stop feeling so out of control. 

Sometimes, we all just need a pick-me-up. Whether we've been struggling for some time with negative thoughts about ourselves, or a bad day at work is making us feel inferior, it's important to take a step back and regain our self-love. Follow Mallika Chopra, a meditation and wellness coach, in this simple meditation that focuses on breath, positive words and colors. She'll help you recenter your thoughts, reconnect with your emotions and remember your true worth.

For more mindfulness tips from Mallika, check out her website and her new book "My Body Is a Rainbow: The Color of My Feelings."

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