So How Much White Bread Is Too Much?

Each American eats about 53 pounds of bread a year

So How Much White Bread Is Too Much?

Each American eats about 53 pounds of bread a year. The hundreds of millions of bagels, tortillas, and croissants that Americans eat are nothing but refined white flour — stripped of nutrients and fiber and turned into a glucose-boosting, heart-clogging unhealthy choice. While some people may reach for packages with "whole grain" on the label, very few products are actually 100% whole grain.

A new study published in The BMJ shows that eating seven servings a day of refined grain, like those in croissants and white bread, is associated with a 27% greater risk for early death, 33% greater risk for heart disease and 47% greater risk for stroke.

It's easy to eat more than seven servings! That equals a big bagel (around five to six servings in a 5- to 6-ounce bagel) at breakfast and two hearty slices of white bread on a sandwich at lunch. So opt for 100% whole grains. You can cook 'em up with this easy and delicious recipe below.

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