Dog the Bounty Hunter’s #1 Tip If You Witness a Crime

Have you ever witnessed a crime and wondered what to do? You may want to find a way to help or intervene. Or you may want to look the other way. Well Dog the Bounty Hunter has his #1 piece of advice for what to do.

Hit record.

"You're not Dog the Bounty Hunter. ... Do not try to grab him yourself. Don't do that. You've got to record it," Dog told Dr. Oz, explaining that so many recent crimes have been reported and solved because of bystanders using their phones to document the incident.

If there's a car involved in the crime, make sure to record the license plate, which police can use later to track down the culprit.

And of course, remember the obvious last step that can easily be forgotten in the heat of the moment.

"You need to whip out your phone really quick and record. Then of course, hit save. Don't be like, 'I got it,' then boom, it disappears," Dog said.

Watch the videos below to see Dog's full interview with Dr. Oz, where they also talk about his engagement.

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