Your Guide to Quick and Easy Grilling

Thanks to these foolproof tips, there's no need to be intimidated about firing up the grill this summer.

Your Guide to Quick and Easy Grilling

Most people think grilling takes a lot of time and work, when in reality it's an easy, fast, and healthy way to cook your meals. Take the stress out of the summer season by using this guide as your go-to grilling resource.

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Skip the Grill Basket

Many modern-day grills often come with a grill basket, designed to catch food that has fallen through the cracks. Unfortunately, these baskets end up steaming your food, which is not the preparation you are aiming for. Instead, prepare a medium-hot grill, brush the veggies with extra-virgin olive oil, season with salt and pepper, and only then apply them to the grill grates. If you are concerned about your vegetables falling through, it may just come down to your cutting technique. With vegetables like zucchini, you want to slice them vertically to create long spears. With eggplant, you want to cut it into large rounds, and for peppers, slice down the sides and lay it flat to create more strips.

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