Your Guide to Quick and Easy Grilling

Thanks to these foolproof tips, there's no need to be intimidated about firing up the grill this summer.

Your Guide to Quick and Easy Grilling

Most people think grilling takes a lot of time and work, when in reality it's an easy, fast, and healthy way to cook your meals. Take the stress out of the summer season by using this guide as your go-to grilling resource.

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Use an Instant-Read Thermometer

If you ask "America's Test Kitchen" host Julia Collin Davison, she'll tell you that guessing when meat is done is for amateurs. Instead, simply purchase an instant-read thermometer so you can be safe. For rare meat, look for 125°F, for medium rare, wait until it hits 130°F, for medium, stick to 140°F, and for well-done, anything higher than 160°F qualifies. However, when the meat is off the grill, it's not quite ready to be eaten. Make sure to let the meat rest for 5-10 minutes so that it will be extra juicy when you dig in.

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3 Secrets for Choosing the Best Rotisserie Chicken at the Store

How can you know you're getting one that's fresh, juicy and crispy?

The rotisserie chickens at the store can make a great, quick dinner for the family. They can also be good pre-made bases for many recipes! But when they're all sitting together in the same case, how can you know you're getting one that's fresh, juicy and crispy? Here are three insider tips for choosing the best chicken.

1. Reach for the Back

Go for a chicken that's in the back of the case. Because the store typically loads the case from behind, you can bet the chickens in the front will have been sitting there the longest.

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